Coquitlam Dentist


best dentist coquitlamA properly trained and fully licensed Coquitlam dentist can perform a very broad range of restorative, dental prosthetic and surgical procedures for any patient visiting them. This includes everything from filling dental cavities, fitting braces and dentures, root canal work, periodontal work (to do with your gums) as well as the more invasive surgical procedures like dental implants.

Modern dentistry also involves the use of X-ray and a lot of preventive dentistry methods such as cleaning and scraping, which prevents far more serious dental issues in the patient later on. The overall scope of a modern Coquitlam dentist far exceeds what’s expected or required of a family doctor and because of this requires far more training.

 What Are Different Types Of Coquitlam Dentists?

There are many different facets to the services a dentist in Coquitlam can offer you, with several distinct roles existing under the overall role of dentist itself. The most common type of dentist is a family dentist who caters for the basic diagnosis and treatment of dental problems.

An Orthodontist treats problems like jaw alignment and overbite by using braces and retainers to correct the growth pattern of your teeth for example.

Endodontics is the treatment of problems with blood flow and nerve endings in your mouth and the most common of these is the root canal procedure.

A Periodontist is a dentist who specializes in diseases of the mouth including the most common gum disorders such as gingivitis and they also tend to specialize in the cleaning and scraping of your teeth too.

Prosthodontics is the “art” of replacing teeth and gum tissue with prosthetic/artificial elements to maintain the overall appearance of your mouth – false teeth being a perfect example of the work they do.

Finally there are Pedodontists who are specifically trained to deal with dental issues in children.

While you may find some dentists specialize in specific areas, a well-rounded Coquitlam dentist and dental surgeon will be able to offer you all of the above facilities within one office, and in many cases in the hands of one skilled person.

 What Is Important When Choosing Best Coquitlam Dentist For You and Your Family?

If you’ve been searching for dentists in Coquitlam you’ve probably noticed that there are more than few available to you, so how can you choose the right dentist for you? The first and most obvious way to do this is to simply ask family or friends for a recommendation for a Coquitlam dentist based on their own experiences, which can eliminate a lot of research on your part. It’s also a good idea to check Google for any negative reviews for various dentists too.

Let’s just imagine though that you’ve just moved to Coquitlam and have no family or friends to check with. In this case you need to pay attention to the small details from your first contact with the office itself in terms of how friendly they are and to the cleanliness of the dentist’s office when you arrive; the entire surgery should have that sterile smell which assures you it’s clean.

Look around and check for proof of qualifications (certificates, diplomas and quality badges) and if you’re really not certain don’t be afraid to ask your potential Coquitlam dentist for proof, they might find this strange but remember this person could be performing the equivalent of surgery on your mouth!

Also pay attention to your gut instinct when it comes to choosing any type of medical practitioner and if something feels “wrong” about particular Coquitlam dental clinic, staff’s appearance or anything else then don’t take any chances and have your dental needs attended to somewhere else.

 Why A Regular Visit To Your Coquitlam Dentist Important?

Dental care is all about preventing far more serious problems appearing in a few months or years time and the only way to ensure that your teeth are going to last you most of your lifetime is to visit your dentist on a regular basis.

Modern dentistry also involves the use of dental x-rays, so even if there are no apparent visible surface risks or damage to your teeth a modern Coquitlam dentist will be able to see the types of problems which would previously have been invisible.
Far too many wait until they have a toothache or other obvious dental problem before they make an appointment with their dental clinic – some people leaving it years between dental visits.

 Are Dentists In Coquitlam Really Worth The Money?

Any Coquitlam dentist office you visit is staffed by a team of professional and highly trained dentists who have attained a Degree in Dentistry from an accredited college in Canada or the United States. They may have also undertaken further study and been accepted as a Fellow or Member of the Royal College of Dentists of Canada.

In short the Coquitlam dental office you’re visiting is staffed by dentists who have undergone many years of study and practical training to perform their current medical duties.

If you look at it from a purely financial point of view let’s imagine you go to the dentist twice per year at a cost of $50 for a basic dental checkup (if you don’t have dental cover) – so you’re looking at a total cost of $100 per year. Following the 6-montly checkup routine means that you can avoid fillings, root-canal, crown, bridge and dental implant work – all of which can easily cost you tens of thousands of dollars at any Coquitlam dentist and will require ongoing maintenance and replacement every few years.

So would you rather pay $100 per year for checkups or save that money and spend thousands later on to correct the damage to your teeth?

 Does Your Health Insurance Cover The Cost Of Coquitlam Dentist?

Citizens of Canada enjoy the huge benefit of knowing that over 90% of all normal medical care is covered by Government insurance plans but when it comes to dental care Government insurance simply doesn’t cover this, with the exception of all children under the age of 10 and some adults in Quebec.

If you require a dentist in Coquitlam you’ll either have to pay for it yourself or sign up for a private insurance plan which covers it separately, that is if your employer doesn’t offer it as part of a benefits package.

Is private dental cover worth the extra cost? Well it can mean that you wind up paying $40 for a basic checkup, cleaning and x-rays instead of well over $200 for example; so if you have ongoing dental issues having private cover does make a lot of sense from a financial point of view.

 What Qualifications And Education Do Coquitlam Dentists Have? Can They Be Trusted?

So what does it actually take to become a dentist in Canada? Your very first step in becoming a dentist is to graduate from one of the 10 accredited schools and colleges in Canada, usually only after you’ve completed some required college courses first.
This will involve a total study time of between 6 and 8 years in dentistry in total. When you compare this to other fields of medicine the only other medical practitioners who study for an equivalent amount of time are veterinary surgeons – yes, believe it or not dentists and vets have to train for longer than most other doctors!

Even after graduating from a dental college with 6 – 8 years of dental education there is still the requirement to sit the 3 part examination of the National Dental Examining Board of Canada (NDEB), which if passed allows you to practice as a dentist in Coquitlam and anywhere else in Canada.

From a patients point of view this means that any certified Coquitlam dentist you visit has been trained to an extremely high level and is more than capable of undertaking any dental procedures you need.

Years of extensive study, practice and specialty examinations means that your Coquitlam dental care should be in very capable and knowledgeable hands that are fully deserving of your trust.